new and pre-start businesses

If you are a new or pre-start business, it is incredibly important to realise how vital a corporate image and a website are to your business. Having a good corporate image means people will recognise your business when they see one of your vans/posters/adverts etc. Brand recognition is very important if you want to make a name for yourself in your own individual industry. Having a website is a great way of interacting with potential new and exisiting customers. Websites are available for people to view at their leisure, they can learn about your company or browse your product range at a time to suit them.

establish the purpose

Depending on your type of business, a website can be used to advertise, inform or even sell your products directly to your customers online. Selling online, or e-commerce, is much easier than you might think and does not need to cost hundreds of pounds to set up. It is also very simple to manage. Selling online means all your purchases can take place via an automated system, all you need to do is dispatch the orders when they are received. This gives the added advantage that your customers can make purchases from your website any time of the day or night.

starting your journey

At digisphere media, there is nothing we like more than to work with businesses at the start of their journey. Working with businesses to achieve a corporate image designed and tailored to their business and to help them take their first steps on to the world wide web. Our main goal is to provide businesses with affordable and effective media solutions. We recognise that what little money you may have to finance the set up costs of the business has to cover many things. That is why we offer a single web page design service for £100. Whilst we would always recommend customers have at least a three page website, we realise that the funding is not always available. We feel it is better to have a small web presence, than none at all. Otherwise, you are automatically cutting yourself off from a large portion of consumers.

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